Latrodectus- this is how the female black widow spiders are scientifically known as. Found mostly in the warmer regions of the world, they are really venomous but still rarely fatal to humans. The black widows flaunt a shiny body with black color enrolled in it. Their unique round abdomen features the red colored shape of an hourglass. However, the hourglass shape can at times be orange-yellow as well. With their size being around one and a half inches, it won’t be wrong to call them the little giants.

Their date with the Mate

Ever wondered why they are called widow spiders? Their venom to humans may be rarely fatal, but to their mates, it is deadly. The actual reason for this behavior is still a matter of debate. They have a violent date with their partners as on some occasions, after mating, they bite them. They seek to date a virgin who is well fed as it helps them in ending their hunger as well. Male spiders send vibrations as they wait outside the web of the females to let them know that their purpose is mating and not eating. If they had a social media account their relationship status would have been- “It’s Complicated.”

Fear the Venom?

Yes, you should. The Venom of these spiders is amazingly dangerous and large. For a fact, it is reported that their Venom is 15x more dangerous than that of a rattlesnake. By nature they are nonaggressive and just like some animals, they also take action only for self-defense. Other than children and elders, their venom is rarely fatal to humans.

Though some effects are definite like difficulty in breathing (diaphragm paralysis), muscle ache, nausea, etc., death from their bites isn’t an everyday happening. The bite of these spiders would feel like a pinprick, and the spiders wouldn’t wait for you to kill them as they are too quick while running.

Food they enjoy

The spiders like to suck the fluid they get as a result of liquefying the body of their prey. The web they spin to catch insects is their weapon of feeding themselves. Be it a grasshopper, caterpillar, beetle, fly, or a mosquito, the black widows like all of them when it is about giving the tummy a boost. Their bright markings become visible when they hang themselves upside down from their webs while waiting for prey. These markings show that the spider is highly toxic and dangerous and serves as a warning signal to those insects who understand it. Understanding the fear depends on how the prey perceives the color visible due to the pose.

The web they design

The black widows suspend a cocoon, with some eggs, in their webs. They are comb-footed meaning that their legs have bristles which they use while hiding their prey, with silk, after trapping it. These comb feet are helpful to them. For insects, the webs of these widows are almost impossible to get through due to the strength they carry. Remember the irritation caused while getting across a spider web?

This creature is wonderful until you aren’t bitten by it. Also, their ability to trap is excellent. The problem which is removing them from the wild is “Climate Change.” They live for approx 1 to 3 years which is enough for them to do what they are best done at. These invertebrates are unique and can quickly send fears to a normal human with their looks. Every feature of theirs is something distinguishable, from their name to their well-shaped abdomen and the comb feet they flaunt with them.