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The infamous World Wide Web of the black widows

Latrodectus- this is how the female black widow spiders are scientifically known as. Found mostly in the warmer regions of the world, they are really venomous but still rarely fatal to humans. The black widows flaunt a shiny body with black color enrolled in it. Their unique round abdomen features the red colored shape of an hourglass. However, the hourglass shape can at times be orange-yellow as well. With their size being around one and a half inches, it won’t be wrong to call them the little giants. Their date with the Mate Ever wondered why they are called...

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Fire Ants-Everything you Need to Know About Them

With the evolution of summer, a warm layer of weather starts spreading all over the surrounding. The weather is scorching and humid. This warmness is soothing until it won’t harm you in one or any other ways. Unfortunately, summers are more prone to fermentation, reproduction, and germinations as well. Most of the insects, wasps, bees, bugs, beetles, flies are actively in the process of breeding and rearing. All the insects are intensely intended to this climate which provides the best habitat during hot summers. So as fireflies get active in the summer adjoining to rainy season which gets more...

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